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This is the home of RIP Soldiers Music and content relating to humanity. We discuss anything and everything involving the human condition… oh, yeah – and we have some badass music too!

Keeping Up With The Soldiers

Having just announced Dark Side as the latest addition to the RIPSM arsenal, we’re on the grind and ready to rock out with our co…er, um…
But seriously, with 4 new albums on the agenda already for this year, it’s going to be a journey for growth!
If you’d like to be a part of our growth, donations are always appreciated!! Just click on the link to donate — OR check out the merch page and donate by picking up a sweet hoodie!

Cool Number
"One rare group that's always keeping it real. Also, nice people that appreciate their fans."
Austin R.
Soldier Nation
"Wonderful people with wonderful hearts doing what they love, the message they send to young people is one I hope to pass on to my own children"
Matt N.
Soldier Nation
"Ermagherd! They the kooest!!! they so kind and I like their hair and music"
Phillip M.
CG Kid
RIP Soldiers - Stealin' The Mic
Until Eargasm 25%
Guardian Angel - Mouth Wide Shut
Until Excellence 25%
RIP Soldiers/Dark Side - Organized Crime
Until Destiny 10%
Dark Side - Chapter 1
Until Lift-Off 60%

The new albums will be coming out in 2018! But until then, feast your ears on  some of the good stuff already offered! Go to our Music Page to  hear the rest – but here’s a taste from RIP Soldiers’ “The Truth Hurts” album.