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Special THANK YOU to the Sponsors of Giving Christmas!

Holiday Inn Kris Monroebadlands 

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This is the home of RIP Soldiers Music and content relating to humanity. We discuss anything and everything involving the human condition… oh, yeah – and we have some badass music too!

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Hello world...

The first sponsors!

About Giving Christmas!

It's a Charity event and toy drive for the Salvation Army Angel Tree - we're setting up for an adult night of music and fun in order to collect money and toys for the kiddos at Christmas. Special Thank You's are definitely in order for Kris Monroe Photo, Badlands Security LLC, and the Spearfish Holiday Inn for being the first to become a part of this awesome event! And Thank you to the Salvation Army for allowing us to help with their great cause! Find out more at ripsoldiersmusic.com/dirtydahg

Do YOU want in?

We're putting together a show in collaboration with Dirty DAHG Productions LLC to bring music to the Black Hills South Dakota and Christmas toys for kids. For more information --> http://ripsoldiersmusic.com/2017/10/24/giving-christmas/ Send all questions to Genneca Houser by emailing dirtydahgbooking@gmail.com or call (605)645.8491

Hey! So...

Just an update on what we have been up to and some of the stuff in the works! Plus, we want to encourage everyone to get vocal! Hearing your opinions and getting feedback makes it easier for me to put out the stuff you are actually interested in seeing! So Let's Get LOUD! Check out the latest shareable goods! --> http://ripsoldiersmusic.com

Going through pictures today... look at all of these from various shows! Or trips for the shows...

Just a chat

Don't miss this! Tomorrow ripsoldiersmusic.com is featuring someone everyone should know about! @pthepolitician is the real deal!

Just like me #Thought4theday

Pictures from Saturday morning. Btw, any ideas for Halloween costumes for me?

Happy Monday! #Thought4theday

This weekend was busy and there were a lot of hard lessons learned. But let's focus on the positive for a moment - I mean, how could anyone complain about a weekend that was spent with so many good people! Keep Shining! S/O to Dark Side Timothy Stotesbery Aayan Moss Brittany Bennett Hoffman Anthony Martinez Cameron V. Humanity Tyler Hubenthal and Justin Page for making this weekend awesome!

Where ya at?

Playing with our new stage lights! This is gonna be so awesome to have for the shows!! PS the song in the video is Hat Trick. Lemme know if you wanna hear the whole song... 😁

From the mouths of babes #Thought4theday

So many things!!

There's a lot in the works! Watch the video to get in the know - when you're done, we've got the links to check out below! Vote for September's FOTM - http://ripsoldiersmusic.com/fotm/ In Casper? See ya Saturday! No Face Entertainment And Rated R Dj's Present Rock Da Moon In Colorado? Be there on the 18th! Kung Fu Vampire At Joe's! Find out about NFGR! -- No Fucks Given Radio

Don't listen to my theories...

You'll either agree with me or not. Maybe you have your own theories... but this is only the tip of my thoughts regarding the Las Vegas shooting. *Sidenote: My statement referring to the shooter going out in a "blaze of glory" is a reference to the shooter's possible mindframe. I do NOT view the tragedy as glorious in any way.

Just because...

Where do your eyes go? #Thought4theday

Playboy Legacy #Thought4theday

What is the message? #Thought4theday

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