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Do Not Try #Thought4TheDay

It's time to stop allowing for the possibility of failure - there is no try. You're a freakin' #Jedi! Also, we are looking for sponsors! What better way to seize the day! #KeepShining ripsoldiersmusic.com


That's Why #Thought4TheDay

I was asked why I do what I do - this. Talking with all of you. Being able to share positivity and help others through hard times by being who I am. I want to make the world FEEL something. Doesn't matter what it is. It's just time for people to feel. #keepshining #ripsm

Let's get friendly! #Thought4theday

It's easy to beat ourselves up. It's easy to look for our flaws and label ourselves failures. But best believe that once you start loving yourself, the world will feel brighter. Showing everyone how to love each other starts with loving yourself. Do that, and you can change the world. #KeepShining #RIPSM ripsoldiersmusic.com

Pocahontas #Thought4theday

I miss the movies of my childhood. There's so much that was taught without making is seem like a lesson - and this song has been stuck in my head everytime I've heard it this week. But seriously, you guys, we are each our own person, but our lives affect all of those around us. How are you affecting the world?


Life's too short... #Thought4TheDay

It's easy to focus on what we don't like. But what if we were to look for the positive and then we said it out loud? Tell people when you think something nice about them. Make someone's day brighter by telling them how much they mean to you. Life is too short to be silent about what's good in the world. #Thought4theday #Keepshining

Do you know how to library? - #Thought4theday

True Colors of Billings Teaser

Guardian Angel of RIP Soldiers Music sings a disney song as the encore for a rock/rap show! Wait til you hear the crowd response! See the whole video and more at http://ripsoldiersmusic.com/2017/09/06/trolls/ Don't forget to Like, Share, and leave comments! #keepshining

Until We Meet Again- #sneaksnippet

Guardian Angel is working on a new song! Tribute to the loved ones lost, this is a piece of the new song. Voice your opinion! What do ya think? #RIPSM

S/O to Co-Parenting! #Thought4theday

Bumpin' some Dark Side and exchanging dialogue about some blessings in our life - it got me thinkin, this woman needs a shout out. And so do all the other parents out there who rock the co-parenting battle! #therealmvps #life #blessings

Until we meet again #Thought4theday

On the road... I might be bored but I'm not wrong. Lol #soldiernation #keepshining

Kreature is just the coolest... Thinking of making this cute little face the front of Dirty DAHG Productions LLC! #RIPSM #DirtyDAHG

Dude... Sweet! #Thought4TheDay

Be Pro-Active #thought4theday

Whether it's big social #injustices, life changing #catastrophes, or just the everyday road block - when there's an issues, it will always do more good to #positively react and address the issue head on. Something so small can make a huge difference. I #promise. - Guardian Angel

Thank you

Living the Dream #thought4theday

Life is #unpredictable...much like the #dreams that dance across our minds at night. So, to #live the dream will never mean that everything is perfect - life doesn't work like that. My friends, it's time to embrace the strange in your life. Don't worry so much, just live your dream and always keep shinin'. - Guardian Angel (Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HALF DEAD!) ripsoldiersmusic.com

I'm Scared... #Thought4TheDay

Sharing my thoughts today made me anxious - but I share this message out of #love for #humanity. We're better than this #division. We're greater than our outer #appearance. And this world was meant to be a better place than we are allowing it to be. The best way to change course is to be the best version of yourself that you can be. - Guardian Angel

You Are Beautiful #Thought4TheDay

Guardian Angel sings "Beautiful " by Christina Aguilara - cliche but nevertheless, it's true. We are all beautiful in our own individuality.

The Infinite Legacy

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