The Human Race Project – #IAmHuman


There’s been so much negativity and heartbreak all over the internet for so long now – and all for what? Because we’re different from one another? It’s a statement of fact – we are not all the same. We have different heritage to celebrate, different family history, maybe different accents, skin color, or sexual preferences – But, we are all part of the same race. We are all human.

It’s time we took a stand, united, that says – It doesn’t matter how different we are! We are all brothers and sisters sharing this planet, breathing the same air, and ALL deserving of love!

This movement could be big! But only if we do it together… That’s why we’re asking for your help. See, we have stuff planned to move some metaphorical mountains and we want to introduce it to the masses.

What we are a...

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BQ Tha Emcee – #SoldierNationShoutOut


Hey, my Soldiers! Man… this guy – BQ is one of the most genuine, positive, and helpful people we have had the pleasure of meeting! It’s so refreshing to know a talented artist who leaves his ego at the door when it comes to his music and supporters. BQ is a real artist who makes music for the love of music, and it’s apparent in his lyrics and presentation. 
He is truly one of my favorite people! So, I wanted to help everyone get to know him a little better. 
Here ya go!

 1. It sounds cliché, but why do you love music? What does music do for you?

I’ve been in love with Hip Hop since I was in junior high. I stayed up late listening to the Wake Up Show  with Sway and Tech or watching Yo! MTV Raps. Nothing made me feel more alive than real Hip Hop...

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Help the Hendersons!


Hey, everyone!
I’ve come to you asking for  some help for a friend and his wife. Here’s the thing – James and Cathy Henderson are a couple amazing people. Cathy is a warrior; she’s been into remission twice  from Breast Cancer and now she’s battling it for the 3rd time.  June 13th she had an anneurism and was life-flighted to Denver hospital to recieve treatment and undergo surgery. The next morning before the surgery, the doctors found out that they couldn’t proceed with the surgery as planned – they have to open her skull to try . In the process, they had also found two more abnormalities
Needless to say, in this hour where  so many are praying for her recovery, James could surely use some help keeping things  going at home...

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RIP Soldiers Q&A


What’s up, my Soldiers?!

I asked for feedback on what You would want to know about us and our music and we got some really good questions! So, the video is longer than we normally do, but I hope it’s at least a little entertaining (if for no other reason than because our daughter is a cheeseball and likes the camera, lol).

We love hearing feedback and answering questions, so you can drop a line anytime! Our inbox is always open!

But as a sidenote, I just really want to thank everyone supporting RIP Soldiers Music and our movement...

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James Henderson – #SoldierNationShoutOut

pink slip cathy 1

james offic

I wanna bring another great guy into the spotlight! James is an ordinary guy doing what he loves to create something fantastic, which is what makes him so extraordinary! He’s a seriously handy guy with vehicles and owns and operates his own mechanic shop in Casper, Wy called Pure Power Automotive. But, that’s not the truly awesome part – he’s been building some vehicles for really inspiring causes! Most notable is the Pink Slip.

The Pink Slip is basically a monster truck cammaro  painted pretty in pink and standing tall for all of the people who have battled with Breast Cancer. It’s not a cure, but it is a beacon of hope to show the victims of this awful disease that they aren’t alone. When you’re battling for your life, sometimes support can make all the difference.

So, to honor...

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Average Sunday?


Whew! So, it’s been a BUSY couple of days – we’ve taken up lawn care services for our “normal” day job. It’s had us running into Nebraska and back for work. Then today, we were working on our last job of the weekend when we got a call about my dad…

Apparently, he’s no man to mess with if you’re a snake! I guess my dad got his hand bitten by a rattlesnake while he was out today. Of course, you never get the whole story right away… there’s mostly a lot of panicking when your hear a loved one is in the hospital from a venomous serpent. But, then we found out he was doing alright and heard the rest of the story!

I guess once the snake bit him, my dad used his knife to bite back and cut the sucker in half before DRIVING HIMSELF to the hospital… until the ambulance met him partway!

hand 1

I kn...

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Thankful 2

So… As I’m sitting here reflecting this past weekend, I can’t help but to be so very thankful – I’m thankful that I met Half Dead those years ago. He became my best friend, my husband, and the father of my child(ren). I’m thankful that we are a team on everything, and that even though we aren’t where we want to be in life (yet), we will get there together.

That’s not how everyone feels about their lives, and it has me reflecting on just how incredibly lucky we are to have what we have – and really, I think that’s the secret.

See, I think that once a person is truly thankful for what they have, it becomes nearly impossible to be unhappy with what they don’t have. It turns every small victory into a huge one and every bad happening into a small setback...

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#GRR – Secret Sauce!


As an artist, your music is important to you because it is, in essence, an extension of who you are and what you want to share with the world. The problem is, it’s not always easy to get your music heard and your message out there. That’s where The Get Rich Rapping Secret Sauce comes in!


Now, if you’ve been keeping up on our posts, you may have already seen our Shout Out to Daniel Esskimo Scott and his Get Rich Rapping movement. Now I just want to reiterate –  Esskimo is the real deal! His ideas and methods for online marketing and turning your music into a legitimate movement really give an upper hand to those artists who want to make a name for themselves by their own means!

This ebook contains some real golden genius on how to really get your music out into the world and into ...

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In the Future…


Hey, Hey, Hey, my Soldiers!!

So, I asked for some input on what YOU would like to hear about and got a couple of good questions back! Thank you for that! Seriously, it feels good to have feedback and input from the people that we do this for!

The first question was about who we would like to do music with – and aside from the awesome artists that we have had the pleasure of connecting with, there are a couple of underground artists that would be an honor to kill a track with. Whitney Peyton is one of them! She’s a fantastical lyricist with potent lyrics and a rockin’ personality – of the underground female artists, she’s at the top for me! Prada West is another one; he’s got a powerful presence and some killer music! Hi Rez – a creative and charismatic rapper with phenomenal verbag...

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DJ Ray Ray – Soldier Nation Shout Out


What’s up, my Soldiers?
We wanted to give a big Soldier Nation Shout Out to DJ Ray Ray of CMR and Unsigned 99.9! This guy has been rockin with the Soldiers since the very beginning! But more than an artist, he’s a friend.
Ray Ray is the best kind of guy to know – he’s honest, not judgmental, and always helps others! 
DJ Ray Ray is one of the realest and most humble people we know. He has been a friend and supporter from the very beginning and is always down to help out a friend and fellow artist. He’s a promoter for Hot Nation 100.1, a VP/DJ at Unsigned 99.9, and CEO/Producer/Artist for Convicted Music Records (CMR). You can find him on Unsigned 99...

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