#GRR – Secret Sauce!

As an artist, your music is important to you because it is, in essence, an extension of who you are and what you want to share with the world. The problem is, it’s not always easy to get your music heard and your message out there. That’s where The Get Rich Rapping Secret Sauce comes in!


Now, if you’ve been keeping up on our posts, you may have already seen our Shout Out to Daniel Esskimo Scott and his Get Rich Rapping movement. Now I just want to reiterate –  Esskimo is the real deal! His ideas and methods for online marketing and turning your music into a legitimate movement really give an upper hand to those artists who want to make a name for themselves by their own means!

This ebook contains some real golden genius on how to really get your music out into the world and into the ear...

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In the Future…

Hey, Hey, Hey, my Soldiers!!

So, I asked for some input on what YOU would like to hear about and got a couple of good questions back! Thank you for that! Seriously, it feels good to have feedback and input from the people that we do this for!

The first question was about who we would like to do music with – and aside from the awesome artists that we have had the pleasure of connecting with, there are a couple of underground artists that would be an honor to kill a track with. Whitney Peyton is one of them! She’s a fantastical lyricist with potent lyrics and a rockin’ personality – of the underground female artists, she’s at the top for me! Prada West is another one; he’s got a powerful presence and some killer music! Hi Rez – a creative and charismatic rapper with phenomenal verbage and c...

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DJ Ray Ray – Soldier Nation Shout Out

What’s up, my Soldiers?
We wanted to give a big Soldier Nation Shout Out to DJ Ray Ray of CMR and Unsigned 99.9! This guy has been rockin with the Soldiers since the very beginning! But more than an artist, he’s a friend.
Ray Ray is the best kind of guy to know – he’s honest, not judgmental, and always helps others! 
DJ Ray Ray is one of the realest and most humble people we know. He has been a friend and supporter from the very beginning and is always down to help out a friend and fellow artist. He’s a promoter for Hot Nation 100.1, a VP/DJ at Unsigned 99.9, and CEO/Producer/Artist for Convicted Music Records (CMR). You can find him on Unsigned 99...

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A Minute with Half Dead

What’s up, Soldiers?!
We figured since you always get to hear from Guardian Angel, tonight it was time to hear from Half Dead – how he chose his name and why he chose to make the music he does.
Around a decade ago, Half Dead was in an explosion that left him near dead with horrific burns. He spent 6 months in Salt Lake City’s burn unit and even after being released, Half Dead was given some heavy pain medication to deal as the new skin grew back. He’d have to go back once a week to have a doctor help scrape the dead skin off – it was excruciating pain. His oldest daughter was only around a year old at the time. He couldn’t pick her up to hold her by himself because of the burns on his hands, and she was terrified of him because of the burns on his face...

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Daniel Esskimo Scott – Soldier Nation Salute


During RIP Soldiers’ journey in music, we have gotten the opportunity to meet some really phenomenal people. One of the people with the biggest impact on our mindset, methods, and attitude is Daniel Esskimo Scott. Honestly, he’s a guy worth getting to know whether or not you’re trying to make a profession in music because everything that he says is completely relate-able and true. He’s a mastermind behind an incredible movement! This guy is someone, artist or not, that Everyone should be following, if for nothing else than for the positive motivation. But for an artist? Whoa. He offers free help, tips, and advice through the Peep The Industry movement – and we’re talking some primo information! For an artist looking to get their name out there more, Esskimo offers some top  notch promotio...

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Here’s the Thing…

Hey guys!

So, it’s been quite a ride for the last couple of weeks! Without really getting into semantics, we’ve got some quick updates for you. Not the happiest news, but not the end of the world either – and it’s all for good reason, I promise!
Many of you may have heard already, but we have cancelled our summer tour plans for The Truth Hurts. However, RIP Soldiers would still LOVE to perform in your city! So, if you want us on a stage near you, give a shout! As of right now, we still have at least two shows booked, and I will keep the shows updated here on the website.
Also, May 23rd was the set date to release the new CD… Here’s the thing – it’s not going to be good enough to send into the world yet...

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Your Gift


So, it’s the middle of the night, again, and I’m awake without a clear reason why. I really put a lot of thought into what I want to say to the world because, after all, I’m trying to leave a legacy. Honestly, there are days that I wonder if it wouldn’t be easier to just keep my music to myself except for the rare karaoke occasions. But, then I remember how miserable I would be if I couldn’t use the gift I’ve been given and share it with people.

So, I guess that’s what I want to say.

You. The person reading this. You are beautiful and unique. You have a gift, and you deserve to share it with the world! Don’t hide the light that you’ve been given because you fear what others will think. Don’t do it for them, just do it for yourself and everything else will fall into place.

It won’t always ...

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4/20 Musings


Let me make one thing super clear before I really begin – we do NOT support the use of illicit drugs. Drugs like meth, coke, pcp, or even popping pharmaceuticals are ways to kill yourself faster and tear lives and families apart.


I don’t believe that weed should be considered an illicit drug. There are so many benefits that have been found and so many therapeutic uses – including a possible cure for cancer – that it astounds me when people are still so quick to judge when others use it. I personally haven’t smoked in years, it’s a choice. Being as it is still illegal, my family and aspirations are too important to jeopardize what I have to get high. Half Dead simply can’t smoke, he’s allergic to the stuff (I used to joke that it was karma, lol)...

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Be Blind

I know that this can become a controversial topic, but it’s something that keeps coming up. If you disagree, I would love to hear your thoughts, but I wanted to repost something that I had put out a while ago. This is something that is really important to my heart, and it’s something that I think warrants thought.


This is something that hits deep with me for personal reasons and through personal experience. So I wanted to speak my message as plainly as possible, minus the politics.

You are a vast well of infinite possibilities.

Don’t listen to people who tell you that you can or cannot do something because of gender, race, religion, sexual preference, etc. Don’t decide something is important and newsworthy because one of these discriminating factors supposedly apply.


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A Little About Guardian Angel

A Little About Guardian Angel

Hey guys! Half Dead wasn’t able to be in this video blog, so I thought that I might just tell you a little about myself! I know that the rap music industry has a plethora of all different kinds of music and artists. I’ve actually been told that I have nothing to offer the genre of rap because of my background – I wasn’t raised to have a particularly hard life, at least not in the sense that I grew up in a dangerous neighborhood around drugs and gang violence. But, I think that’s what makes the music that I create so unique. I refuse to write music for RIP Soldiers about things that I haven’t seen, felt, or experienced in one way or another...

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